PalpationMeter (PALM) – er misst was Sie tasten


The PALM users have come up with an ever increasing range of things they measure with the PALM. The most popular and most researched application of which is propably the measurement of iliac crest height as an indication of leg length discrepancy. Other popular applications are the measurement of iliac or scapular position and rotation.



PaLpationMeter (PALM) –

Der PALM misst den Abstand und den Winkel zwischen den tastenden Fingern der Therapeut /des Therapeuten.

The palapationmeter (or short PALM) is a reliable mechanical measuring device for the orthopaedic examination of patients by professions such as therapists, physicians and orthopaedic technicians. It measures the distance and angle between bony landmarks as they are palpated. The popularity of the PALM is due to it robust simplicity in combination with excellent reliability (see „studies“).
It’s accuracy is achieved by the patented combination of palpating and measuring simultaneously. The palpating fingers assure accurate contact with the landmarks, while the PALM gives objective readings of their relationship.
On this website I have compiled the increasing body of research on / with the PALM.



PalpationMeter (PALM) – er misst was Sie tasten


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